Contract Management Associates

Our services revolve around formulating claims requests and defense strategies, with the aim of facilitating settlement of disputes between Owners and Contractors.

Our Practice

Contract Management Associates (CMA) is a Claims and Disputes Management practice, operating out of Bucharest, Romania and covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East Regions. The practice focuses on achieving the settlement of Owners and Contractors in construction and engineering disputes.

Contract Management Associates (CMA) is a private practice owned and managed by a team of professionals with a vast experience in the construction, engineering and oil and gas industries. We have been involved in some of the largest projects in the world and we have acted under instruction from Tier 1 contractors and various other local and international law firms, during formal dispute resolution proceedings.

Our Experience

Our experience is focused on large infrastructure and oil and gas projects, with extensive direct work experience in airports, motorways, rail projects, water and sewerage infrastructure, desalination plants, power generation, oil processing and transport facilities . In addition to this, CMA management team has over the years acquired significant experience in residential, commercial and logistics projects for large international Clients. We have been involved in various arbitrations under different forms of contracts and in several jurisdictions. We have provided litigation support services for our Clients and have assisted them to achieve negotiated settlements of their entitlements. Our team is well versed in drafting dispute ready documents and submissions, both in the Romanian and the English language. We are firm believers in amicable dispute resolution, and we actively encourage our Clients to avoid formal dispute proceedings, where suitable. We are transparent about our costs, and the potential outcome of your claims. We never promote false expectations, and we provide cradle to grave assistance to our Clients, thus becoming a trustworthy partner for your business.

We are proud of our work, and we do not advance groundless projections!!!
We are here to make a difference.

Our Approach

CMA is quality driven rather than volume driven.

The practice is not driven by revenue or profitability, being highly selective when choosing its team members and when entering in agreements with Clients. What matters to us are the RESULTS.

CMA delivers a client focused approach to claims consulting.

The practice mission is to keep clients out of formal dispute proceedings wherever possible – but to be there with them in the event that a formal dispute cannot be avoided and to maintain a focus on achieving viable settlement as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

CMA advocates the clarity of our appointment, and the transparency of our fees.

We offer various fee arrangements to suit a wide range of appointments. CMA understands that with success we will get repeat business and our services will be recommended to other potential Clients in the market. We are an honest broker, and a trustworthy partner.

Our Values

CMA advocates ethical and sustainable business practices and is therefore driven by results and not revenue and profitability.

CMA gives back to the community by supporting humanitarian causes and by providing advice and support to younger professionals in the industry.

CMA only takes on appointments where it believes a successful outcome can be achieved. The practice always adopts a “deliver the real news” approach in its assessment of your disputes.

CMA prides itself on the integrity of its staff and the accuracy of its advice. The practice does not build false expectations and will always appraise clients of the strengths and weaknesses of their position.

CMA aims to exceed client expectations on every commission.

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